Thailand how to order an escort girl- call girl

Thailand is one of the countries that are talked about in superlatives when it comes to sex tourism. It has become a kind of erotic Mecca, a dream and desired travel destination for everyone who wants to enjoy the best quality Asian sex at an affordable price. The most popular city in Thailand is probably Pattaya, the center of pleasure and extraordinary experiences. However, if you have a trip to another larger city, don’t worry, you will certainly find more than enough tantalizing offers there as well. And as for Bangkok, it is simply a real city “with everything”. How is it actually in Thailand with erotica and sex for a financial reward? The tradition is very old, but this “business” achieved great growth, especially during the Vietnam War, when American soldiers significantly increased the demand for sex services. Later, Thailand became a favorite destination for residents of many European countries, and thus the number of people interested in a short-term erotic relationship was constantly increasing. acompanhantes manaus

How do local laws view “sex for money”

Although the law in Thailand officially prohibits the provision of sexual services, prostitution and pimping, the tolerance of the authorities towards those who behave “normally” is really huge. The police are more likely to see to it that there are no problems and squabbles, rather than actually restricting this activity in any way. For many women and girls, providing sexual services is a very welcome source of income. However, not only women work as companions, but more on that later. Thai professional sex and everything around it is definitely not tied to crime or the underworld, as is the case especially in Europe and the United States. Both Thai cities and the darker alleys of love are much safer than most European cities, although of course it is better not to provoke too much. Thanks to jewelry or a gold chain, you will not be any more attractive to a paid sex partner. If you conspicuously wave a really full wallet somewhere, there will surely be some “trickster” who will rob you of it very quickly. Don’t carry unnecessarily expensive things and too much money with you, that’s simply true today all over the world. It is paid in Thai baht, it comes out when converting about 100 THB to 2.4 EUR. Pay attention to the age, it is quite difficult to estimate with Asian women, do not start anything with those under 18 if you want to reliably avoid any braids. You should take protection for granted.

Where can you choose a companion, arrange everything and then spend passionate moments?

The choice is really big, it depends on what you want to try and how it will suit you best. Almost anything is possible. Larger hotels are often equipped with a kind of “aquarium” without water, simply a glass area, where currently free professional companions are sitting, marked with numbers. If you choose one of them (the staff will be happy to advise you), it will be a luxurious experience for approximately two hours directly in the hotel. The girl will take you to a pleasant, intimately lit room with a large bathtub. During a pleasant massage procedure, he will bathe you and then you can choose whether you want it in the bathtub, on a deckchair or in a classic bed… (the price in this case is one of the higher ones, it is a luxurious professional service, it ranges from 2500 to 3500 THB ). If you meet at the bar and choose one of the girls serving you, you can take her to your hotel. It will cost you about 1000 THB for an hour’s “express” or about 1500 THB for the whole night. To the others, it is sometimes necessary to pay a kind of “severance fee” when you leave with one of them, they settle for around 150-200 THB. Better hotels require a fee (about 600 THB and the girl will leave her documents at the reception for the duration of the visit), hourly hotels are available from 400 THB. It is taken for granted that you always have to bargain for every service, and in a while you might even start to enjoy it. And you can really bargain for a lot. If you would like a friendly companion for a longer period of time or for the entire stay, you can come out of the bargain very advantageously. The total time is not calculated, but you will agree in advance, the girl will also be available for housework, cleaning, as an escort and the like. Instead of a financial amount, an in-kind gift can also be agreed upon. You can also meet in Go-Go establishments, where girls dance and perform various erotic stunts for the pleasure of customers. Because nudity is officially forbidden, she solves her “clothes” often with postage stamp-sized swimsuits. So, there are no limits to ingenuity and the law is well done. Local “artists” are priced a little higher than their competitors from bars, you can get an hour for around 1500 THB, a whole night around 2000 THB. And if you would like to try a girl from the street (of course, you will recognize them easily, as everywhere in the world), you will not save too much, their prices are at the level of their colleagues from bars.

“Third sex” and something for women

Thailand also offers sex services for women, transsexuals, lesbians and gays, there is a significant sexual tolerance here, and probably everyone will choose that way. The existence of the so-called “third sex”, which is actually beautiful girls who were originally men, is relatively unknown to Europeans and, on the contrary, common in Thailand. In Thailand, they are most commonly called “katoy” or the English term “ladyboy”. When you look back at an extremely hot beauty on the street, you might wonder what she’s hiding under her skirt! He often takes part in important leading roles in various dance or theater performances and usually portrays traditionally positive roles. They are very popular and some of these so-called “travesty” performances really shock with their narrative. If you would like to have a really original and unusual experience, maybe even with such a special “person” as “katoy” and to spend erotic moments with her, there is a lot of interest in them, and compared to normal sex with girl, the prices here are much higher. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Thailand yet and you want to “get off your feet” a little, there’s probably nothing better to recommend.