The Rise of Male Strippers in New York City

A Rising Trend in NYC Male Strippers: Entertainment Redefined

People looking for an exceptional nightlife experience require superior male exotic dancers. They seek high end male revue shows that surpass what would typically be offered at girl’s night out or top tier bachelorette, birthday or divorce parties.

New York City male strip clubs provide the ideal environment for such celebrations. Renowned for their incredible performers and high-end production values, these hotspots have made a name for themselves in nightlife circles as ideal places for celebrating with friends, coworkers or lovers.

These clubs, located in Manhattan’s heart, are an excellent way to add spice and sizzle to any celebration. Each event showcases choreographed routines performed by some of Manhattan’s sexiest men with over 20 dancers performing choreographed routines designed to raise your heartbeat with their seductive charm – adding an unforgettable dimension of sexiness that adds zest and excitement. There’s no better way to amp up celebration vibes than adding shirtless action into the mix!

Exotique Boys, Savage Men and Manhattan Men are three hotspots in New York that feature Magic Mike-themed shows with over 15 of the city’s hottest dancers performing an energetic show. Each club also provides VIP and group packages including table seating with drinks provided, VIP service as well as group discounts on VIP packages if available – an unmissable treat if you love Magic Mike! If this show appeals to you then don’t miss it when visiting NYC. is an exclusive male revue and club that has taken New York by storm. They can be found in NYC, Atlantic City, Philadelphia as well as on the west coast – each show is filled with sin, sexuality and seductive hips! Expect exotic dancers with muscular hard bodies displaying seductive moves for show guests to witness!

At each bachelorette party there will be male strippers and performers as well as humorous emcees and crazy bachelorette contests! The atmosphere is typically inclusive so women of all gender expressions are welcome.

NYC male strip club and revues tend to be welcoming of LGBT individuals; however, some venues may impose a cover charge or minimum age requirement that you should check prior to going out. Visit each venue’s website to gain further details before going out. Uber, Lyft and traditional taxi services all provide transportation solutions in New York City. Credit cards should also be brought along when making reservations; many clubs require advance purchase tickets in order to guarantee entry as they often sell out quickly. If you have a specific date in mind, it’s a smart idea to reserve seats early – you can always cancel and reschedule later if need be – then make plans for another night out at another venue. Otherwise, just enjoy all that the city offers – don’t miss out!